Let me tell you a bit more about AnnDesign. I am the lady behind this service, and my name is Ann Declercq. Obviously with such a common name I had to use a different freelancer/company name :). Truth is that I kept the name close to my own name, but then, one should not pretend to be anything else than what one is. So Ann needed to be in the name, and the Design part, well yes I'm sure you can guess.

I am a proud mother of two boys, and have been working as a freelance graphic designer since 2008. I studied and graduaded with distinction at Sint Lucas - Gent (B). After which I started to work at a small printhouse, followed by newspapers in Belgium (HLN) and the UK (Coventry Evening Telegraph and Northamptonshire Newspapers). I lived in the UK for a while, and after my return to Belgium worked closely together with my sister (who had taken over our family business: a print house) to design their collection and also to do pre-press. This all gave me - next to my design skills -, a good knowledge of the printing production and possibilities, pre-press and of course the related software.


Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual. - Edward Tufte